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Gift Voucher Aqua Hiking
Aquatic hiking level 1 (Family) Children under 12 years old 40€
Aquatic hiking level 1 (Family) Adult 50€
Gift Voucher Canyon
Canyon level 2 (Family Adventure) Children under 12 years old 50€
Canyon level 2 (Family Adventure) Adult 60€
Canyon level 3 (Discovery Sensation) Children from 12 years old and adult 60€
Canyon level 3 + (Jungle Adventure ) Children from 14 years old and adult 70€
Canyon level 4 (Vertical Adventure) Youth from 16 years old and adult 70€
Canyon level 5 (Xtrem) Contact us for this voucher -
Gift Voucher hiking of the volcan
The volcano Soufrière Children from 12 years old and adult 50€

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A gift voucher is nominative : 1 voucher = 1 person

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Making the payment by credit card by remote telephone : this payment is possible every day from 8:30 to 16:30, by calling 0590 269 559.
You must contact us by phone : the number on the gift certificate, the number of your credit card, the date of validity of your credit card, the last three digits of the number on the back of your credit card, the name and the first name of the cardholder.

The beneficiary of the voucher must contact Canopée Forest Adventure early enough to agree on the date he wishes to use his nature gift.

One week before the date agreed for the activity, the beneficiary will have to contact Canopée again to confirm his presence and to settle the last details of the appointment (weather point, equipment to be provided, time, ...).

Gift voucher valid for one year from the date of issue.

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